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If you like the distinctive style of Annette’s jewellery and would like her to design a unique piece for you, the Bespoke Service is the perfect option.  You may need jewellery for a particular occasion, or you may be looking for a special gift.

Whatever the reason, this is an opportunity for you to take part in the design process yourself, as you flick through the pages of Annette’s sketchbook for ideas and watch as she brings your dreams to life, hand drawing your new design.

The personal touch, which characterizes Annette’s Bespoke Service, marries the best of her traditional skills with your desires.  From beautifully-drawn sketches, Annette turns your ideas into a 3-dimensional drawing, so you will be able to envisage your piece of jewellery before it is made.

Diamond and opal jewellery usually starts with your chosen gem and Annette designs a setting for it, whilst for jewellery featuring other gems, the design will influence the stone you choose.  Either way, Annette will make available a selection of gems for you to choose from, either from available stock within Annette’s own collections, or Annette will be happy to acquire the perfect stone for your approval.

Once you have your bespoke piece, matching jewellery can be made to the same design and the whole delightful process starts again.