Christmas window display is always an exciting challenge….

This year you will see that I have brought back our elegant black leather display stands and added a splash of colour.
I can’t talk about this years elegant window without thank you two very talented people that without them I wouldn’t have the stunning window I have.
A huge thank you to my mum June Gabbedey for my amazing black, gold and citrus green bauble!  Such a talented lady of whom I am very lucky to call my mum, this years main window attraction (other than the jewellery of cause!) is this lavish bauble.  Not only is it hand made, some of the gold braids came all the way from Florence Italy, so it is a little reminder of our lovely holiday this year too!
Along with the contrasting window colours we have added a little of florence and Italy inside the shop too, my thanks go to the very talented Megan Adams, who has painstakingly sketched and hand cut these beautiful back drop scenes of my favourite city.
If your in the area pop into the shop and take a look at these exquisite displays within our showcases, the perfect back drop for some of my favourite Opal jewellery.

If you would like to talk to Megan about a window/merchandising display project.  Please contact Megan on 07599712349 or through her website

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