Silver ‘Eternal Aurora’ Pendant

Silver ‘Eternal Aurora’ Pendant, I have call this one ‘Aurora’ because of all the coloured precious stones set within this pendant.

One of my favourites and I love to set high quality coloured sapphires and diamonds within these pendants to create a wonderful rich splash of colour.

The size of this pendant is approximately 29x22mm which is my large version a smaller version of 22x16mm is also available.

They are available with various precious stones and can be created in 9ct, 18ct and Platinum.

The costs vary depending on metals and stones used.  My silver small Eternal pendants set with a single Sapphire in various colours start at approximately £210.00.  The large Eternal Aurora pendants in Silver are in the region of £600. including a 16″ snake chain. There are many variations,  so for further costs and details of these please contact me and I will be happy to discuss these further.

The inspiration behind these pendants is very personal and represents my 25th year in business, which was back in 2015!

They were designed around a special piece of stone artwork presented to my husband and I as a wedding present, which later became the inspiration for these lovely pendants.

I also wanted to recognise the continued support of my family, friends and customers, the circle of life and continuing support, this is within the circular design of these pendants and also inspired the name ‘Eternal’.

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