Platinum is the purest, rarest and most eternal of all the precious metals. Throughout history, it was the metal of choice amongst royalty, the aristocracy and the very wealthy. Today platinum’s popularity is growing across all classes for its beauty, durability and economic resilience.

Platinum is 95% pure and hypoallergenic. This compares with 18 carat gold, which is 75% pure, the rest being made up of alloys like copper and silver. It is 30 times rarer than gold, so if all the platinum ever mined were poured into an Olympic-sized swimming pool, the depth would barely reach ankle height, whereas gold would fill up more than three pools. However much it is worn, platinum will never lose its warm white lustre and thanks to its weight and durability, it will last a lifetime. Even when scratched it does not lose metal, but rather the metal is displaced, so its weight remains unchanged.

A favourite of jewellery designers, platinum is so versatile it can be drawn into a fine thread. Its strength means that less metal is needed to set precious stones, which allows more light to enter the stone to enhance its brilliance. Platinum works well with both traditional and modern designs and although it demands more expertise of the jeweller than other metals, the final finish is superior.

Thanks to its beauty and durability, platinum is favoured for wedding and engagement rings and because it holds its value, the natural choice for investment pieces and heirlooms.